About Us

About the Brand

Table linens designed for the stylish hostess who wants that extra flair brought to her gatherings. Bubbly, bright, and fun conversational prints sure to enhance your soiree. Because, who doesn't want to be chic?

About Me

I am Olivia and love all things art. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology. I currently am a full time print designer for a luxury resort brand. I paint all day and night!

I loved painting people's "stories" and wanted to combine the stories with a non-traditional canvas. That led to the creation of turning the champagne bottle into a canvas. For me, champagne represents excitement, new beginnings, and fun. Thus my bubbly business was born!

Napkins are the next step in this bubbly empire. The goal of the empire? To brighten your day, have fun, and make the small details the big details.



Cheers, Babes!